• Gentle and comfortable contact with puncture site
  • Easy to use with no pre-loading
  • Efficient design ensures adequate blood volume with minimal pain – guaranteed to lance the first time
  • Safe, single-use, and self-destructing device with a sterile needle that’s concealed before and after use

Designed for modern capillary blood sampling, the Medlance Plus and Actilance single-use safety lancets are integral to the sharps-injury prevention programs in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and doctors’ offices. Both Medlance Plus and Actilance provide increased safety to eliminate needle-stick injuries and cross-contamination.


Gentle and comfortable.

  • Ultra-sharp needle optimally positioned during skin penetration.
  • Linear needle tracking eliminates vibrations to reduce pain and prevent tissue damage.
  • Low triggering force ensures gentle and comfortable contact with the puncture site.


Easy to use.

  • Modern, ergonomically shaped safety lancet with reliable contact activation mechanism.
  • Doesn’t require pre-loading, simplifying blood sampling.
  • Distance between the device and finger, along with the needed pressure to the puncture site, is predetermined to ensure ultimate penetration depth control and adequate blood sample size.
  • Requires minimum user training.


Designed for efficiency.

  • “Technique-independent” design ensures adequate blood flow at minimum pain level.
  • Guaranteed to lance only one time.


Enhanced safety.

  • Single-use, self-destructing device that can’t be reloaded.
  • Needle is concealed before and after use to prevent possible injury.
  • Sterilized to medical industry standards for supreme safety.


Four gauge sizes available.

  • Medlance Plus Super Lite has a 30 G needle with 1.2 mm penetration depth; ideal for delicate/sensitive skin or when a smaller blood sample is needed.
  • Medlance Plus Lite has a 25G needle with 1.5 mm penetration depth; ideal for blood glucose monitoring.
  • Acti-Lance Lite has a 28G needle with 1.5 mm penetration depth.
  • Medlance Plus Universal has a 21G needle with 1.8 mm penetration; perfect when you need larger blood samples for testing glucose, hemoglobin, cholesterol, blood type studies, coagulation, and blood gas.


Three easy steps:

  1. Remove the colored protective cap by twisting and then pulling straight out.

  1. Activate the device by firmly pressing the lancet against the puncture site.

  1. Gently apply intermittent pressure near the puncture site to obtain the required blood volume.