SILENT KNIGHT® Tablet Crushing System

Q: What pills can be crushed with SILENT KNIGHT?

A: Only medications that have the prior approval of a pharmacist and under the written orders of a physician. Click to see a list of common medications known to have been crushed by users, and some that have been noted by the manufacturer as “chewable.” This list only shows examples of medications that might be crushed. It is not to be used as a reference source without consultation with a pharmacist.


Q: What pills should not be crushed with the SILENT KNIGHT?

A: Slow release tablets, enteric tablets, wax-coated tablets, capsules, and liquid-filled capsules should never be crushed. Consult your pharmacist before crushing any medication.


Q: Is there a warranty on the SILENT KNIGHT?

A: Yes. The Silent Knight is guaranteed for life to be free of materials and parts defects. If the unit fails due to parts failure it will be replaced by Links Medical at no charge to the owner. To be eligible for a warranty claim, your facility must be a user of ONLY the Silent Knight PC Pouch. Use of another plastic pouch or alternative type of container with the Silent Knight crushing machine will invalidate the warranty. To make a warranty claim, call (888) 425-1149.


Medlance® Plus and Actilance® Safety Lancets

Q: Are the Medlance Plus and Actilance safe and easy to use?

A: Medlance Plus and Actilance are both single-use, self-destructing devices that can’t be re-loaded. They are concealed before and after use to prevent possible injury. In addition, Medlance Plus and Actilance Safety Lancets are sterilized to medical industry standards for supreme safety.


Q: How gentle are the Medlance Plus and Actilance Safety Lancets?

A: The Medlance Plus and Actilance Lancets have an ultra-sharp needle optimally positioned during skin penetration. Linear needle tracking eliminates vibrations to reduce pain and prevent tissue damage. The Medlance Plus and Actilance Lancets also have a low triggering force to ensure gentle and comfortable contact with the puncture site.


Q: How efficient is Medlance Plus or Actilance?

A: Medlance Plus and Actilance both have a unique design that ensures adequate blood flow with minimal pain. With Medlance Plus or Actilance, you are guaranteed to lance only one time.


Chamosyn® Multi-purpose Moisture Barrier

Q: How does Chamosyn protect and soothe irritated and chafed skin?

A: Chamosyn is specially formulated with two active ingredients: zinc oxide and menthol. Zinc oxide seals in moisture and protects the skin from irritants that put skin at risk for breakdown. It dries light exudate from compromised areas and adheres to weepy, macerated skin. Menthol is an analgesic that helps stimulate the nerve endings, relieving burns, itching, and any local discomfort.


Q: Why is Chamosyn enhanced with Aloe, Chamomile, and manuka honey?

A: Because these three ingredients combine to temporarily protect, heal, and sooth irritated or chafed skin. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice is rich in carbohydrates, trace minerals, and various organic substances that promote skin hydration. Chamomile Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps calm affected areas of the skin, thus reducing the risk of infection. Manuka honey offers unique skin protective properties that make it particularly useful in combating unwanted damp skin conditions. Plus, Manuka honey helps control the vulnerable skin areas around the edges of heavily draining wounds, such as ulcers and fistulas.


Cocoon Bed Rail Safety System

Q: How does the Cocoon System work?

A: The Cocoon’s one-piece construction cushions the bed rails and closes the gap between the rails and the mattress. And it’s all securely held in place beneath the mattress.


Q: Is Cocoon flame-retardant?

A: Yes. In fact, Cocoon meets the tough California flame-retardant standards. (Reference: Fire Marshall Bulletin 117.)


Q: Will Cocoon fit our beds?

A: Cocoon is available in multiple sizes to fit most beds.


Q: Will the patient feel closed-in?

A: Cocoon has a clear vinyl window to allow light and a view.


Q: Is the Cocoon System easy to install and clean?

A: The one-piece Cocoon installs easily. And it’s easy to remove, clean, and quickly reinstall.